Un-Holiday Weekend


I love working from home and I adore our little apartment in La Jolla and the coffee shops that I frequent (Bird Rock Coffee and WindanSea Cafe), but last week was a rough work week and I was happy to get out of town over the weekend.

Even though we're both working today, it still felt like a holiday weekend. Friday afternoon I had a mani/pedi ($19 total thanks to the daily save - and Katie who told me about the deal) and rather than sit in rush hour traffic (in the rain!) we tried a new restaurant (Sessions Public - so good!) and drove up to Newport in the morning. We had lunch at my fav spot (HoSum Bistro) and went to our friends Will and Amanda's engagement party in Laguna that night (will post pictures later).

On Sunday, we went for a run on Balboa Island and stopped for Mexican food (Pedro's Tacos in San Clemente) on our way home. Ian is playing in a golf tournament with my family in a few weeks and has been trying to play more leading up to the tournament. My whole family plays golf but me, not so much. Yesterday though, Ian and I played 9 holes on a local par three course and it was fun! Guess you could say I kinda like the guy if he got me to enjoy golfing ;) We took the photo above ourselves while playing.


Susan said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend!