The Story of the Bookcase From Grand Avenue


So here's another one of my adored treasures from my Oma's house. This bookcase actually lived in my Great Grandparents' house for many years, before moving to my Oma and Opa's basement, where it sat for many more years and suffered more than one flood I believe. At any rate, I saw this sad, tattered and nearly rotting piece of furniture crammed up against the basement wall and my heart just reached out to it. I could save it! Which is precisely what I did.

I brought it home to my parents' house, where my dad cleaned it up, primed it and then the two of us painted it a beautiful shade of green (it used to be white). We cleaned the windows, dusted and polished the wood and I found new knobs at Cost Plus. And here it is, living in our hallway now. All I need are some books to fill its shelves and the project will be complete!


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