Snapshots of the Baby's Room!


{The crib, which was used by my nephew Dante (now 15), my nephew Alex (now 10) and my niece Marina (now 7). The quilt on the wall was made by my friend Leah and has the Dr. Seuss quote "Oh the Places You'll Go." The one on the crib was made by my mom's cousin and I just opened it the other day!}

{A rocking horse made by Matt's grandfather for Matt when he was little. The chest in the background was my Oma's, the old suitcase was my Opa's and the little toy hippo in a cage used to be mine.}

{The bookshelf was my mom's and most of the books that you see belonged to Matt and his sister (including the whole collection of The Bernstein Bears). The wooden blocks, which also give the numbers in Italian were a gift from my best friend Nikki.}

{My rocking chair (a gift from Matt's mom, it used to belong to his grandmother). The pillow was my Opa's when he was a baby. The maps that you see on the wall are all Italian. The far one is actually wrapping paper from Aaron Brothers that we just had mounted.}

{Matt found this little hot air balloon online and couldn't resist it. I think it's quite cute and goes well with our travel theme. I also became smitten with the photo from the etsy shop Cosas Minimas and had to buy it. The birds on the wall are from Target, an idea we borrowed from our friends Amy and Nesan.}

{This is a real propeller from one of the airplanes that Matt's grandfather, Bud Evans designed. There are about six more in the garage and I just think they are so cool}

I've been wanting to post some photos of the baby's room now that it's all finished and awaiting the arrival of its occupant. Here are some glimpses into Baby E's new world.


Jessica said...

ohmygosh Alexa, I am so excited for you guys to be parents! You're going to be such a great mom, and what a fabulous room your little peanut has to make his or her own! I can't wait to check in and see how life as new parents treats you, and to meet the littlest Evans via pictures and stories!

Rema said...

I absolutely adore how much of Lil E's room is so historical!

Kat said...

i love it! so precious! i love all the details, the birds on the wall, the travel theme (so perfect considering baby e's parents!) and the history behind the furniture, toys & books. jessica & izzy have a ton of our old books, and jess is currently obsessed with Berenstain Bears. OBSESSED!
so fun, now you can kick back & relax (um, as much as possible that is) and wait till baby E arrives!

Amy Redmond Waran said...

Beautiful Lex! I love how you made the birds fly all around the room. I might have to go get another package of those for our bedroom so I can steal YOUR idea!