Post Maternity Shopping Spree


Although I have a feeling it will take some time to fit back into some of my favorite clothes after the little one arrives, one of the things I am deliriously excited about is not wearing maternity clothes, especially since these days my wardrobe basically consists of two shirts and three rotating pairs of black leggings. Some day this year I hope to make it to one of my favorite stores to pick up a little treat for mommy! Here are some "wants" for my future wardrobe courtesy of Anthropologie.

{Images from the Anthropologie site}


Rema said...

I've been going into Anthro every week or so to try and catch that b/w dress when it goes on sale! I'll snag you one if I get lucky!

Kat said...

love them all! i can totally see you in them, especially the first dress & the orangish top. i have a feeling you'll bounce back to pre baby body fast ;)