A Place to Store Books and Things...


{A full shot}

{This bird cracks me up. My dad gave it to my Aunt Diana when she was little and whenever she felt sad she said the little bird would cheer her up. She recently passed him on to me and I just adore him.}

{Don't you think my Oma and Opa's wedding photo is fabulous? This was taken just after they said "I Do" and they are on the phone with my Oma's brother, telling him the news.}

{I've mentioned them before...but I just think these little sailor nesting dolls are hilarious. I'm convinced each one has a tall tale to tell about life on the sea.}

{Matt loves Alice in Wonderland, and an extremely old, crumbling version of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables...yes please!}

{Matt's mom found this cool silver plane in a thrift store, she has an eye for goodies like this. And I love the cover of this version of Arabian Nights, published in 1920, complete with beautiful color plates.}

While I was busy snapping photos of the baby's room the other day, I thought I would also show you another one of my favorite spots in our new house...the bookcase! Kirby and I both have an obsession with bookcases, I just love tired old books and funky little knickknacks that have long, complicated stories behind them. Here's ours! P.S. we bought our bookcase from IKEA and Matt assembled it...he's so handy!


Kat said...

love love love it! again, i love all the details and the history behind the pieces! love that picture of your oma & opa, so cute!
its my dream to make that huge wall in our living room (the first room you walk into) a ginormous book shelf! so fun!