A Place to Eat (And Drink Wine)


{These my Oma and Opa picked up in Thailand, I think they're made of silk. Anyway, I found them tucked away inside a drawer in my mom's old bedroom and had to have them. Matt made the wood backings for them and I stained them.}

{Table detail}

{View from above}

While I'm on a roll with photos around the house, I also took some of the dining room (we just got new chairs from Crate and Barrel) and my cousin Angela requested to see how my Oma's dining table looked in its new home. I acquired many beautiful things from my dear Oma after she passed away, and this table is one of my favorites. It's solid wood and has four extra leaves so that Matt and I can dine palatial style if we so desire. She bought it with her very first paycheck from the Civic Center in Marin County, and I must say, it was money well spent. Many delicious dinners were eaten off of it and mostly what I remember about each one was enjoying a bowl of plain chocolate ice cream alongside my Opa at the conclusion of each meal. I have a feeling this table will see many more bowls of plain chocolate ice cream, both courtesy of myself and perhaps my Opa's great-grandchild! (Matt prefers vanilla).


D e g a i n e said...

Gorgeous! Great post!

d e g a i n e


Kat said...

future KRAP meeting site!
love it, and you know how much i love those silk prints, beautiful!

Angela said...

yay...the dining table has a new (adorable) home!! :) oma and opa would be so proud. i remember us, in pure excitement, running around that table years ago; faces stuffed with either reeses cups that oma always seemed to keep stocked in her house, or blackberries we had just picked from opa's garden. i love that you have so many of their treasured items! :)

LSchering said...

Beautiful furniture! We got a lot of things when my grandma passed away too. Our living room looks like it's Victorian 1910. I know some people come over and are turned off, but I love it :)