Meet the Fill-In Bloggers


Kat Post: Kat is the mother of two adorable little girls and she runs a daycare out of her home. Lately she's been experimenting with photography and I am floored by her talents, many of which can be viewed on her blog, Post Its. For those of you that remember, she's the one who took my maternity shots. Above is a photo that she took of her husband, Steve, and their youngest daughter, Isabella.

Julie Cudney: Kirby and I work with Julie at our full-time job and when we all actually commuted to the office we sat next to each other. At the time I remember getting the impression that Julie was a phenomenal cook, and with the food blog that she's started I am now convinced that this is the case. This is a photo of one of her more recent kitchen creations: Spinach and Feta Pasta With Greek Sauce: YUM!

Samantha Denette: Samantha is one of our most devoted readers and she is the extraordinary blogger behind Sincerely Samantha. I am in love with her fashion posts, decadent dessert recipes and the fact that she's in love with one of my favorite places in the world: Italy. In fact the above photo was taken when she was studying in Rome.

Paula Ryan: Along with Kat, Paula is one of the members of my KRAP club (or wine and gossip club). She recently started her own business as a nutritionist and you can get expert advice on her blog at Healthiest Regards. She'll be posting some great tips for you readers here on the Short and the Sweet of It.

I would love to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of the very wonderful and talented bloggers that will fill in for me while I am taking orders from my new (tiny) boss. I've included a little something short and sweet about each one of them.

I can't thank you girls enough for helping out for a little bit while I rest up and acquaint myself with the newest member of my family!

{Photos from Post Its Our Family Happenings, In the Kitchen Without a Road Map, Sincerely Samantha and Healthiest Regards}


Kat said...

yay! thanks for the intro! excited to help you out, and mostly excited to meet baby E!