Going Green


I try to live a "green" life: We recycle, I cloth diapered my daughter, we compost & grow our own garden, and one of my favorites, we use reusable bags.
I recently discovered these Reusable Baggu Bags from my fabulously green friend, Jessie.
These reusable bags roll up super small, small enough to tuck into my purse, or stuff into my hubby's jean pockets. Then it opens up to a huge, durable bag that I use to tote everything from groceries to my latest fashion finds.  They also come in so many fun patterns & colors.  I'm hooked!

{Image from The Green Life}


Rema said...

Baggus are fab, and good for you for taking them to stores other than for just groceries... it doesn't occur to so many people.
(P.S. Jess-oh-bee, I heart your blog. I'm usually in LA on Tuesdays when the Green Life is closed but looking forward to popping in one of these days! :))

jessica o'brien said...

loved seeing this post!!!! reusable shopping bags have to be one of the easiest ways to "go green". i love these bags because they are machine washable + hold up for ever!

Kat - i think the ones you have are Envirosax brand (http://www.thegreenlifecostore.com/69.html) but the Baggus rock too!

Rema - Thank you! Hopefully we'll be open on Tuesdays soon :)

Kat said...

haha, just kidding! they are all fabulous though :)