Whooooo's Got Their Hand in the Cookie Jar?


Me!!!! I am in love with my new owl cookie jar from Anthropologie! Thank you to my lovely KRAP ladies, who obviously know about my affinity for owls. I adore that he is winking, it's like we're sharing a little secret every time I sneak into the kitchen for another pregnancy-induced sweet tooth craving.

{Photo from Anthropologie}


Kat said...

yay! so glad you like it, so glad rema found it! but yes, we all see owls and think of you. ;)

Rema said...

Yay! :) Love you, mama Lex!

Cynthia said...

I had no idea you liked owls so much, what's funny is that I have a secret fear of them, I don't know why, but they sorta creep me out!