Where Would You Go?


{Roaming through the New Zealand landscape}

{On a beach in Bali}

{Long, dinners in Santa Severina, Italy with the extended family}

{At a Parisian cafe}

{Cinque Terre, where Matt proposed}

Matt and I recently attended our birthing class at UCSD. It was a great experience and both of us learned a lot about the process and what we can expect (a lot of it doesn't sound so cool, except of course the whole...here's your baby part!) We do, however feel a lot more prepared. One of the techniques they suggested to help manage the laboring process was bringing in photos to help visualize positive and happy places. Here are a few of my favorite shots and places that I not only want to visit in my mind...but perhaps in real life again sometime! I'm wondering...where would you go to if you needed a calming, mental distraction?


Rema said...

I go back to that sunny day in Paris at the Parc de Belleville, when we ran into picnicing families and a spontaneous,rockin neighborhood dance party! So much happiness there!

Kat said...

love all the fun places you two have been!

we had a meditation cd that i loved. so if you need any music, let me know :)

and as for where i would go to relax- cabin in the mountains :)