Where In the World....


For Christmas Matt's parent's bought us a globe to put in the baby's room. I love spinning them and seeing where my finger ends up. That might be a cool way to pick a vacation destination...although I suppose there are plenty of places you wouldn't exactly want to be strolling the streets in your tourist garb.

Kirby is going to New Orleans soon (I am insanely jealous). Another place I've been dying to go lately is Scotland. I told Matt we'd hole up in a big, old B&B castle and try and make sense of their cool accents. Looks like that excursion might be on the back burner for a while, considering our new addition, but it's on my list!

{Photo from thingssheloves}


LSchering said...

SCOTLAND! SCOTLAND! And take me with you in your luggage! I wish my ancestors had never moved here...but then I wouldn't exist, yada yada.