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{After Matt's parents took a cruise to Alaska last year, it's been number one on our places to visit in the U.S.}

{I've never been anywhere in the Southern U.S. and Savannah seems like it would be a good place to start}

{Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Grand Tetons seem a hard place to pass up}

So tomorrow Kirby and Ian are hightailing it out of here to visit the city of New Orleans. I am incredibly jealous, but it got me thinking where in the U.S. do I want to visit next? Matt and I have traveled to numerous cities around the world, but our travel within our own country is rather limited. I realize that we probably won't be going anyplace too far this year...but in 2012 it might be fun to take a family excursion to a new spot. Here are some cities that are on my travel wish list.

{Photos from MarculescuEugenlancu, Respres, Ben.Chaney


Cynthia said...

One great thing about living in DC is all the great places we can go to just for a day: Leesburg, Fredericksburg, Baltimore, Annapolis... all really beautiful places with great food and less than 2 hours away!

Kat said...

lets go to alaska together! when baby evans is a bit bigger, and baby 3 for us has arrived and settled in, we'll all trek up to alaska! how fun!

i also really have a thing with going to savannah. especially after reading "midnight in the garden of good & evil". but yeah, good cities

LSchering said...

My parents are so spoiled. They have done all of these trips multiple times. We just tried to book yellowstone and the tetons, but we ended up being responsible and putting that money toward actually re-doing our bathroom this April :( I hate being an adult, haha. But these are all on our to-do list too!