Scenes from Last Weekend


{From top right: toasting with red velvet cupcakes; sushi and saki bombs; the Noe sisters and me; the birthday girl (right) and her sister Amy; the group out celebrating after sushi}
{From top right: Ian, his beard and me; me and the birthday girl; me, Sav, Katie and Amber; a champagne toast mid-hike; the hiking group; Torrey Pines}

Here are some photos from last weekend. We celebrated Lacey's 25th birthday with sushi, saki bombs and red velvet cupcakes on Friday night, enjoyed the 75 degree weather with a hike (and some champagne) on Saturday, and headed downtown to Katie and Lacey's apartment for more celebrating on Saturday night.

What are you weekend plans readers? Ian and I are headed to The Comedy Store tonight (partially in the name of research ... I'm writing an article on the venue for the local newspaper) and the rest of the weekend I plan on enjoying the weather and getting ahead on work before our vacation next weekend!

And the winners of this week's giveaways are ... Katie, Jenna and McKenzie!


Savannah said...

Good job with that photoshop. ;) I love all the pics you put together! Frame it!