A Place to Rest My Tired Dogs


These are my doggy slippers. Rema requested a photo of me wearing them and I almost obliged until I took a look at my pregnant ankles, which turned out to be the opposite of flattering. I don't think they are especially swollen (unlike my hands), but it must have been the angle (yikes!) Nevertheless, I waddle around the house in these and honestly I could not be more content. Dear readers do you have an item of clothing that just makes you feel cozy and comfortable?


Rema said...

Teehee! I'll just have to settle for this pic :) I've got a pair of pajama pants printed with elephants and daisies that instantly make me happy (and comfortable). The kicker? Bought them at Albertsons eons ago. I love that my lil impulse buy has turned out to be one of the best $9.99 ever spent!

Kat said...

so cute! i love them!
i love just getting in big fluffy jammies or steve pj pants when i want to be cozy