Little Brown Packages Tied Up With String...


One of my favorite things in the whole world is receiving mail (when they aren't bills of course). So you can imagine my delight when I ventured out this afternoon to collect the assortment of letters left by the postman and discovered a little brown package among the loot!

It was from my best friend Nikki (who by the way just had a baby last week), I love how organized she is. Anyway I of course opened it immediately to find an adorable card, an adorable photo of the two of us pregnant and an extraordinarily beautiful necklace from my very favorite store, Anthropologie! Above is a snapshot of the necklace which I immediately took for blogging purposes before clasping it around my neck. So here I am in my sweats, an oversized t-shirt, no make-up and my gorgeous new necklace.
Thank you Nikki!

If you must know...the gift was in commemoration of my upcoming birthday where I am apparently turning one year older than 29. But hey...who's counting?


Kat said...

super cute necklace! tell niki i'm also super impressed- she managed to get out a bday present either right before or right after having a baby? seriously impressive! i need some tips from her, i can't even get out bday cards anymore ;)