Hey There Friday!


As I enter into my final month of pregnancy, the weekends are becoming more and more precious. Mostly because I seriously contemplate doing nothing all day, being that doing something takes a whole lot more effort than it used to! Of course there also things that need to be crossed off the list and I see a trip to IKEA in the cards. On a more exciting note: a KRAP meeting with my friends Kat, Rema and Paula is also on the calendar. I'm actually very excited because the KRAP wine club meeting after this will be first in a long while that I'll be able to enjoy a glass of vino! And cheers to that! Happy Friday my dear readers!

P.S. I love how warm and bright this baby's room is!

{Photo from My Favs}


Rema said...

:) Can't wait to have you rejoin the wine-drinking ranks! xo

Kat said...

woot woot for KRAP! and a triple woot for drinking wine!
enjoy your weekend and do nothing if you can, because you will never be able to do just nothing again! ahh, i miss those days (but really, it is worth it ;) )
and super cute baby room, i love the bright colors!

Shalini said...

I love the colors of your baby's room....the combination is so fresh and yet so warm.

Shalini said...

ooops, just re-read and saw that it's someone else's baby's room ;-)

Alexa said...

Photos of my baby's room will up very soon...I'm waiting for a few more things (besides baby), but can't wait to share with all of you!