Have a Marvelous Little Weekend!


Well my darlings...what can I say, Friday is here, putting another work week behind us for good. This weekend, Matt is making a trip to the Bay Area to collect some furniture at my parents' house and he gets to meet my friend Nikki's little baby, Kylie. I am extremely jealous that I can't go....although we Skyped with her the other day, which was amazing, though not the same as holding her. She actually slept through the whole thing, which I took to mean that Matt and I need to work on our conversation topics. I figure she and our little baby will find each other much more amusing than the boring old grown-ups. By the way...when did we become boring old grown-ups? Isn't that our parents role? Le sigh....

{Image from Ms. Jenny Harland (and Nikki's new Facebook profile picture). Super cute!}


Kat said...

love that picture! so cute!