The First Monday of 2011


Hi readers! Happy beginning of a new year! Last night I fufilled the stereotype of being pregnant, in the kitchen and (although not barefoot) wearing my doggy slippers with two pairs of socks (it's cold and we have tile floors). I made us dinner out of a box, the Lundberg brand Italian risotto, with Italian chicken sausage and spinach added in. And...all my gluten-free are in luck! Quick, simple and simply delicious! I would suggest pairing with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc...or if you must have a red, a Pinot Noir.

It is the first Monday of the year, so treat yourself to two drinks after work today, why don't you?

Above is a photo of Matt and I from my Grandfather's 90th birthday bash.


Kat said...

i've seen those at sprouts- sounds like a yummy & fast dinner, will have to try it!

Rema said...

Great pic of you two! Although I have to admit that I'd almost rather a pic of you in your doggy slippers wearing two pairs of socks! :)