Clutch Collection


{Nightime go-tos. From top: Asos - gift from my parents this Christmas; Urban Outfitters; vintage- my mom got this while my parents' were on their honeymoon in Italy}
{Metallics. From top: J. Crew - a Christmas '09 gift from my mom; Lauren Merkin - a birthday gift from Craig & Ryan; J. Crew - the inside zipper is broken so it was a steal!}
{Summer staples. From top: Felix Ray for Target; Urban Outfitters - my birthday gift from Lacey last year; Barneys - my mom and I both have this woven one}
{Faux leather. From top: Forever 21; Urban Outfitters; Vintage}

I always gush about how much I love clutches, and it recently dawned on me: I have never posted my personal (and ever-expanding clutch collection). So here it is!


Susan said...

You have quite a collection! Love all of them---

Kat said...

fun collection! i'm jealous! i recently discovered clutches and have started a (small) collection of my own. love it :)

Savannah said...

Your clutch collection is expanding :)