Another Dinner Out


Last night I enjoyed yet another fabulous dinner out with three special friends (birthdays are pretty great as it turns out). Courtney, Amanda and Sharon treated me to dinner at Zel's in Del Mar. Their flatbreads are delicious and for dessert they had ordered cupcakes from VGs in Cardiff, my old stomping grounds. This is one pregnant lady that was sufficiently satisfied. Thanks two of being 30 was quite lovely!

By the way...don't you love this little reminder about how to love a child? Now I want to kiss an elephant!

{Image from sweet + lovely things}


Angela said...

i love that little reminder! just enjoying the simple things in life... like kissing elephants. so cute! i especially like the "go see a movie in your pajamas". so glad you had a fabulous dinner with your girlfriends, and stretching your birthday celebration through the week. yay for birthdays!! xoxo :)

Kat said...

i love that
i needed that today
and i think i should print that out and post it somewhere
because it can be really hard to remember that when you're a mom of two turdlet daughters....
thank you :)