Accessorize Your Ears With Glittering Red


Little known fact: I don't have my ears pierced. An oddity really, especially considering that I had my bellybutton pierced. (Oh days of college where awkward decisions were made when I was perhaps not entirely in the clearest state of mind). Hey...I have no tattoos of little sunflowers or hearts, or good God some ex-boyfriend's name. I've veered off track...these vintage Siam red jewel earrings are giving me a good reason to ponder getting my ears pierced (a nice Valentines Day gift too).

{Photo from Dalim's Etsy Shop}


Kat said...

you don't have your ears pierced?? maybe i knew that, but i forgot. crazy!
then there's me.... ;)

Alexa said...

Haha. Love you and your crazy tattoos and piercings Kat! :)