Scenes from Last Weekend


{Me, Kristine, Daniela and McKenzie}
{Me and Ian}
{Claire and I}

Here are a few photos from last weekend, the first two are from Friday night and the second is from Saturday night. I can't believe it is the weekend again, the flu wiped a few days out of the way and then it has been non-stop work and holiday parties. We are double-booked tonight with parties and I am hoping to catch a movie tomorrow. Sunday night I am going to see the San Diego Symphony Christmas Pops with some girls and hopefully exchange presents with Ian earlier that day. Then just a few more days before a WEEK OFF!!!! I am grateful to work from home, but it means I am somehow always working, so I cannot wait for some time away from my computer.

And as always, the winner of this week's Hump Day Giveaway is ... Kat!


Kat said...

wait, me? again? Yay! but haven't i reached some sort of max for winning? those owl ornaments are really really cute though.....

and i love your blue dress & fun earrings!

thanks ladies :)