Merry Everything


{Our four-foot noble fir!}
{One of my favorite ornaments}
{Ian's parents gave him this wooden bowl for his birthday. We have been saving our corks and have a lot more after last night!}
{Wine, wine and more wine}
{Gingerbread cookies}
{Baked brie and crackers, one of the first appetizers to go!}
{Mini caprese bites}

Here are a few photos from our holiday party! In addition to the food photographed, we also had popcorn, jalapeno poppers, bacon-wrapped filet, mini hot dogs in bar-b-que sauce, veggies and ranch dip and peppermint cookies--most of it went too fast to photograph. It was so fun to have our friends over and I can't wait to do it again!


katie said...

thanks for having us... so nice and great food :)

Ryan said...

YUM!!!!!!!! You are quite the entertainer!!!

Kat said...

mmmmm brie cheese! that looks like my kind of party :)

Sneaks said...

No guac?

Lacey said...

had a blast.. great hosting!!