Have a Very Merry Weekend!


Oh hello my dear sweet Friday. You have arrived and for that I am glad. I am settling into my working from home routine, although admittedly it has been an adjustment. The past two days I've spent at a couple cafes in La Jolla with my co-workers Jenna and Kirby (the latter of whom you also know as my fellow blogger). Next week Kirby offered to make breakfast at her place and I shall impart to you my darling readers if her baking is as good as her blogging! Until Monday...I leave you with a sort of artistic snapshot of one of my ornaments with our fireplace blazing in the background. Very cozy.


Kat said...

that room looks fabulous! i really need to get myself over there, very cozy. and i recognize the couch!
YAY for the WEEKEND!

LSchering said...

Wow Alexa, it looks like you got a fancy shmancy new place! Enjoy!