Have a Sweet Little Weekend


Here we are at the weekend readers. I hope this work week flew by and that you have marvelous plans scheduled for the next two days. Today is my last day working in the office, as we will all be flying the coop to work remotely from our home offices. I've never worked from home before, so I'm interested to see how the transition goes. Now I just need to dig out my desk from the pile of items currently residing in our living room.

Also...tomorrow is my second baby shower, which will include all of my lovely friends and family members in the Southern California region. I am so excited to see everyone and to collect things for my little tummy tenant. I'm hoping I can get the talented Kat Post to take some cool snapshots of the event so stay tuned next week for sneak peaks! I want to thank my sweet friends Courtney, Amanda and Kat (all pictured above) who I know have worked so hard planning this for me, and I just feel very lucky to be surrounded by such loving people!
Until Monday, my sweets!


Kat said...

i think it was a success!

Alexa said...

Oh it most definitely was! Thank you!

Jessica said...

Yay baby showers!! I'm glad it was such a success!

Also, I cannot believe you're working from home now?! I think I'm jealous. Also, may you have a better work ethic than I, I'm not sure I could do it.

junk said...

I can't wait to see pictures! And is this working from home permanent? Awesome- welcome to the club. If you need any tips, let me know :)

junk said...

Um, sorry Jody has so many weird accounts. I don't know who junk is, but it's me- Leah :)