Have a Holly Jolly Weekend!


Tomorrow Matt and I are making the trek up to Burbank where we will celebrate that evening with my Grandpa who is turning 90. It will be at his favorite Italian restaurant, Tony's Bella Vista and he will be surrounded by his children, his ten grandchildren and his 11 great-children, plus...great grandchild number 12, who is due in less than two months! Without us will be two of his children, my Uncle Nick and Aunt Louise, who left this world for a better place (but much too soon) and his beautiful bride, Teresa, who is now with those two children who she mourned greatly. She would have been 90 on December 13...a week older than her husband, something to which she would likely say: "Older but wiser, Frank!"

Happy Birthday Grandpa, we toast to you with a glass of your own marvelous vino! Salute!

{In case you couldn't tell, my Grandpa is the one with the mustache, glasses and snazzy sweater.}


angie said...

Eeee!! Cute little Gramps!! I'm glad he's the one with the mustache, glasses and snazzy sweater rather than the one with long hair, sunglasses and the goat-tee. Ha! This weekend will be SO much fun! Can't wait to see you and all the rest of the gang! Happy Birthday, Grandpa! :)

Kat said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandpa!

Jessica said...

Aw I love this post! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa, indeed!