Gorbie Will Leave Milkbones For Santa


Yes, Gorbie gets a stocking...of course! It shall be filled with some of his favorite things...bonesticks, milkbones and maybe a squeak toy (if my ears are up for it). Actually Gorbie found a fun little early Christmas gift buried in the yard. One of the dogs who used to reside here apparently buried a large orange squeak toy in the shape of an alien. Gorbie was quite taken with it, but was rather put out when I borrowed it from him (only to wash it off, of course). But anyway, he was none too pleased when I returned it to him and he then promptly scurried outside to rebury it in the corner of our slope. I'm sure he was thinking: "This way mommy will never find it!" Little did he know I was watching from the window! Ha!

{Image from echoshop}


Kat said...

cute stocking! i had one for my dogs when i was at home, and when i went away to college i brought back yummy dog treats at the fancy dog bakery in santa barbara :)