Baby Shower Photos!


{Everyone signed a message for me on this 8x10 pregnancy shot}

{Time for Tea!}

{Getting bigger!}

{Yummy treats from Hey There Cupcake!}

{Opening gifts}

{With the sweet hosts!}

Hello lovelies. Here are some shots by Kat from my baby shower on Saturday. It was such a wonderful day...and yes, those cupcakes were scrumptious!

{Photos by Kat Post}


Kat said...

yay! it was a fun time for sure :)

Julie-Inspired Shares said...

Looks like a lovely shower, and you look great!

Julie xo

angie said...

it was, indeed, an fun time!! cutest little mommy-to-be i've ever seen! love ya, pea!

great photos, kat!!!! :D