Tiny White Lights


Matt and I love decorating with little white lights...it just adds such a nice glow to the yard. I think these photos are just dreamy. By the way, all white lights on the Christmas tree...or multi-colored lights? We've done both on different years and I can't decide which I like best. Matt votes for the multi-colored look.

{Photos from amagicalplacetobe}


Samantha said...

I love decorating with fairy lights! When I have an apartment and it's my own Christmas tree I'm decorating it with little white lights and silver ornaments : )


Jessica said...

I LOVE this piccy! I sort of agree with Samantha, I think white fairy lights add such elegance and relaxation to the tree. I'd go white lights this Christmas only because once you have a little one, I think multi-colored lights are much more festive, and I could imagine you may have to continue doing multi-coloreds until the little tyke is a teen. Enjoy white lights while you can. ;)

Kat said...

we're a tiny white lights family over here ;)