Thanksgiving Wishes


Because Matt and I like to make ourselves insane, we've decided that in addition to moving (while I'm seven months pregnant), living with his parents while the contractors put the finishing touches on our new house, working full time and getting ready for the holidays, we're going to make the eight hour drive up north to spend Thanksgiving with my parents today. It just happens to be the busiest travel day of the year. No biggie. I realize this is craziness. I have no clue where 90% of my stuff is and all of my suitcases are packed with random items that I deliriously tossed in during our moving madness.

The thing is, I love my parents house. Matt and I call it the Trotta B&B because that's basically what it is. It looks like a big old white farmhouse, surrounded by lots of oak trees and my mom's garden, bordered by a white picket fence. Also there's a vineyard and a little winery where my dad makes his own vino. Fall is my favorite time of the year up there. The leaves are changing colors and there's that certain crisp scent in the air. It is likely that there will be a fire burning in the fireplace and the old familiar smell of my dad cooking up pasta and meatballs for dinner. And I will curl up with Pedro the Cat for a Thanksgiving weekend full of food, warmth and good conversation. The insanity can wait for me back home.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving dearest readers and I hope that you too find the time to rest and reflect!

{Photo from Paper Sparrow}


LSchering said...

I love your parents' house too! Happy memories of being curled up in that back room watching Piper chase critters outside while we giggled about boys, complained about school, and reluctantly did our homework :) Can't wait to see you guys!

Jessica said...

I love this description. :) I hope your time up north proves to be a truly delightful time!