Thanks For the Memories


{A welcome view after a long day of work}

{Quaint yard}

{Family time in the yard}

{Making dinner with Gorbie who is monitoring the dropping of food}

{In front of our tangerine tree: sweet and seedless!}

As Matt and I tape the last box and close our door for the last time, I will be hard pressed to not shed a tear for our little Cardiff beach house. Many memories were shared here. After a few years of travel, we settled into our comfy little casa. We hosted dinner parties with friends, walked down to the nearby market for deli sandwiches, went for walks on the beach, planned our wedding, brought home a puppy and talked excitedly about the new little person that we will soon welcome into our family.

I remember clearly the first night we spent here. It was strange, as it usually is in a new place, but for some reason it immediately felt like home. I hope its new tenants are just as grateful as I have been to open the gate everyday to this sweet little vine-covered abode.


Jessica said...

Awwwwwww your house!! :) I'm sad you have to say good-bye, but I'm excited to get to know your new place through this blog! It was a truly delightful home you created. I know you'll do it again in the new space!

Kat said...

ooooh its sad! i will miss your casa, too! i always loved that abode eating vine growing all over the place, and the twinkly lights. so fun- but i cannot wait to see your new place! on to bigger & better things!

scheringj said...

Aww, I was glad I got to visit your little abode, but I can't wait to see posts of the new place, and I bet Gorbie is excited to have a little more room and a new place to explore!