Mouthwatering Recipes From Apples and Onions


Lydia and I used to be neighbors growing up. We'd play My Little Ponies and make our own ice cream with the super cool Barbie ice cream maker. Recently I stumbled upon her blog and I'm in love. The recipes that she and Sarah come up with as the creative force behind L.A.'s Apples and Onions are simply mouth-watering. This is beyond bubble gum ice cream in the pink plastic Barbie contraption. I'm giving a huge shout out to them this week in particular because it's Thanksgiving (a day that we should honor good food and the good souls who slave all day in the kitchen making it).

{Photos and corresponding recipes from Apples and Onions}


angie said...

Oh my, that look delicious!! I'm checking out her blog, now. Awwww, Lydia! I remember the three of us eating otter pops on your porch, and seeing how high we can all jump on her trampoline! :)

Lydia Ellison said...

Alexa this is the cutest! Thanks for the shout out and boy do I miss your My Little Pony castle and our Ice Cream parlor sessions. xo,Lydia