Mason Jars...Meet Fall Decor


Hosting a Thanksgiving party and want to impress your guests with your Martha Stewart-like decorating abilities? Viola...candles, acorns and mason jars. Happy November 1st dear readers.

{Photo via Camila at Home}


Kat said...

so fun! maybe i should try to put some of those together for our KRAP thanksgiving this year! yeah right, like i have the time. where do you even get acorns? do i have to find an acorn tree? yeah, not going to happen. oh well, fun idea!

Lisa said...

What a lovely idea. By the way, I'm holding a CSN giveaway on my blog and you're welcome to come by and enter.

Alexa said...

Hi heading over right now, thanks for the invite and thanks for reading! Kat...I'm with you...too much work, if only we had people to do these things FOR us! Ha.