Have a Good Fall (Or Is It Summer?) Weekend!


Ah the weekend. It has arrived and although I had been planning to spend my first November weekend squirreled away inside, surrounded by scented candles, blankets and books, the weather has spoiled such thoughts and instead has me pondering a wading pool. Seriously....in November? Have I mentioned that I'm pregnant by the way? The whole point was to avoid the summer months, because as it is I'm running several degrees warmer than normal, and 90 degree heat isn't exactly comfortable. I digress...I'm complaining about beach weather when there are plenty of poor folks bracing for an icy wind in their face. However, being a northern California girl at heart, I'm asking for a little San Francisco fog...and I don't ask for it much. So what do ya say, City by the Bay? Blow a little gust of mist my way?

{Photo from {different2une}


Kat said...

yes, sucks being pregnant when its hot. at least its just a fluke and i hear its supposed to rain next week!
in the mean time, you can come join me & the girls in our little wadding pool ;)