Have a Fairytale Weekend!


Another Friday is upon us dear readers. What are your plans this weekend? Matt and I are actually en-route up the coast to Nipomo where my cousin Angela is to be wed on Saturday. As the Maid of Honor (I refuse to be called "matron") I feel a slight bit of pressure, but the speech is written and the dress fits, so two of the major hurdles have already been taken care of.

At each wedding on my Dad's side of the family we have a tradition. An old bottle of wine is hauled up from Grandpa's cellar...specifically it is the wine that was made in the birth year of the person getting married, and we all toast the newlyweds with it. As you can imagine it is usually quite repulsive. In fact, Angela and I were both born in 1981 and we all had the misfortune to try the concoction two years ago at my nuptials. I can't imagine that it has aged magnificently since then. This might be the first instance that I'm glad I have an excuse to NOT drink wine. But I digress, this wedding is going to be gorgeous and I shall have photos for you all next week to prove it. In the meantime I offer an early congrats to my beautiful cousin and her handsome groom!


Kat said...

have so much fun!!!!!
love that you refuse to be called a matron, crack me up
and i love the family tradition and wine! i remember i tried some, but was also chasing after a 20 month old jessie k and dont' recall what it tasted like...
congrats angela!

Julie-Inspired said...

Have a great time...I love that tradition, even with the bad wine, it's still sweet to keep things like that going!

Julie xo