Empire State of Mind


My friend Jessica recently became a "big city girl," having packed her bags and flown off to the Big Apple, where she traded in her flip-flops for stylish boots and scarves. She's even rocking a brand new chic hairdo that has me wondering if it's time to lop off my own locks.

Luckily I'm still able to keep up with her ultra-hip lifestyle through her sweet blog, Playbills & Pageantry. Currently I am living vicariously through her as I had always wanted to live in New York City. Just once. Instead I opted for Wellington, New Zealand and San Francisco, California as my big city locales (and I certainly won't complain), but why is the "city that never sleeps" so alluring? Check out her blog and find out!

{By the way, these photos are from our trip there in spring 2009. At the time, Matt was rockin' his Italian hairdo}


Jessica said...

I. Love. You. Alexa, how are you so sweet and generous?! Thank you for this awesome shout-out.