Weekend With Pedro (and the Parents)


Why hi there weekend! Readers, I hope that you have some marvelous plans for this Saturday and Sunday. I am off to catch a flight up to my parents' house in the Bay Area and tomorrow my aunt is hosting a baby shower for me! Can't wait to see all of the cute cuddly things I'll be stashing away for the little dude or dudette.

Incidentally I will also be conversing with Senor Pedro the Cat. It usually turns out to be a one-sided conversation, although if he's in one of his moods he does get rather chatty, although generally not in a good way. Gorbie is hanging with his Aunt Laura this for the next two days, who I'm positive is way cooler than me or Matt anyway...maybe they'll carve pumpkins. Gorbie was way into it last year, or I should say he was way into eating piles of pumpkin seeds, until of course he realized that there is such a thing as too much pumpkin.
Till Monday my dears!