Playing Dress Up


{Claire, Jacqueline and I before heading to a Dia de los Muertos Halloween party- where Social Distortion was the musical guest! In case you were wondering, I am in the middle dressed as celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe}
{The night before we took part in a ninjas and geishas pub crawl throughout Venice and Santa Monica. We were the only geishas! And yes, I kept the wig on the entire night}
{Jacqueline was in town from Texas and her flight arrived a few hours late so I picked her up from the airport in my flapper costumer from the previous year- hey we dressed up three nights in a row, I had to recycle costumes! We met up with Daniela for an Alice in Wonderland themed party at Syrah downtown}
{There's the flapper costumer again! Ian and I the previous year before heading to the Shout House downtown}
{Roomie pic that same Halloween}
{So this wasn't on Halloween but I had to include it. We had a '90s themed day keg senior year and went all out with costumes, music, games, snacks. It was awesome. Although we each look pretty '90s, I think Jacqueline's skort dress wins. Hey, this was before rompers made a comeback, after all}
{Our homemade mermaid costumes from senior year. We were pretty proud of those}
{While studying abroad in Oxford, our international school threw the Americans a Halloween party and everyone went all out. Jacqueline, Kara and I were partners in crime while studying abroad so we dressed as devils accordingly}

In honor of the approaching Halloween holiday, I compiled some of my favorite Halloween costumes. I still have no idea what I am dressing up as this year or what our plans are!


Julie-Inspired said...

You guys look great! Looks like a lot of fun:)

Have a great Monday!


Jacqueline said...

ahhhh!! such great memories...wish i was with you for halloween again this year! :)

E Claire said...

Love all these! I have no idea what I am going to be either... ahhh!!! Ps you forgot to mention how much Social D liked my cat costume....

Samantha said...

Wow, I'm very impressed by your multiple costumes!! They're all so great. Now I feel like I should put more thought into mine that a black dress and a witches hat : )

-Samantha said...

Fabulous photos!


Susan said...

You girls always have so much fun!