Have a KRAPtastic Weekend!


Helllooooo Friday! What are you up to this weekend, readers? Tonight I am joining my friends Rema, Kat and Paula for our wine club (unfortunately I can't partake in the tasting of vino, but I do plan on testing my taste buds for a scrumptious meal). Our husbands laugh but we've nicknamed the club KRAP, which is an acronym for our names. Nights out with girlfriends are wonderful things indeed. And we have another reason to celebrate tonight...Paula is getting married next Saturday! So here's to another beautiful bride to be!

{The order in which we are standing in this photo, taken at Rema's wedding last year, would actually spell AKRP, which is just plain silly...KRAP is much more hip}


Kat said...

hahaha, love it! makes me laugh everytime! woot woot for KRAP!

Rema said...

Hooray for krapping!