Have a Fabulous Weekend!


Happy Friday lovelies! What are you up to this beautiful October weekend? Matt and are attending our friends' wedding on Saturday in La Jolla and on Sunday I have a pregnancy massage scheduled. Glorious.

AND...my dear readers...the Short and the Sweet of It is feeling so loved today! We finally made our goal of 100 followers, thanks to your devoted reading habits and wonderfully witty comments! We read every single one of them and are so pleased to know that our silly little posts have found a home in your hearts! In appreciation of your readership, we have a special giveaway scheduled for Monday, that I'm sure will brighten up the gloomy start of the work week! Until then, my darlings I bid you a fond adieu.

{Photo via Things That Inspire}


Jess Pearce said...

You girls are wonderful! So glad i follow the blog, it makes me smile every time i read it, which is several times a day! haha keep up the great work!

Alexa said...

Thank you Jess! It really means a lot! Have a wonderful weekend!