Happy Birthday Whit!


I can remember celebrating Whitney's 19th birthday during our freshman year of college, not long after we met, and cannot believe that she is turning 25 on Sunday! We quasi-celebrated Whitney's birthday when we were all together in Napa, but I wish I could be with her for the actual day--and not just because she and Jacqueline will be seeing LCD Soundsystem and other bands at Austin City Limits!

I snapped these photos while Whitney and I hung out in San Francisco before picking up Jacqueline at the airport and heading to Napa for our weekend trip. We had dinner at a Spanish and Catalan restaurant called Contigo, located in the Noe Valley neighborhood, which I highly recommend. We dined on Catalonia's national snack, Pa Amb Tomaquet (toasted bread, tomato and olive oil), Arugala salad (with figs, cana de oveja, shaved fennel toasted hazelnuts and px vinagreta) and other Catalan dishes. Contigo is known for its wine list, but we stuck with beer, knowing we had a weekend of wine tasting ahead of us!

Cheers Whitney, love you!

The winner of this week's Hump Day Giveaway is, drum roll please, Lacey!


sylvie said...

hooray for october birthdays, divine spanish food and wine country adventures! i have yet to try out contigo - our fave spanish resto has been our old enighborhood gem, zarzuela.
wishing you the most blissful birthday weekend!
sylvie of silver lining

Anonymous said...

Been looking for that exact stripe shirt -- help?

Kirby said...

I bought it at Urban Outfitters last spring so I am not sure if they have the same one, but I did spot a few cute ones the last time I was there. Hope that helps ;)