Feline Flair


First of all...hilarious. I'm thinking Pedro the Cat would approve. I'm positive he would go for a shade of pink. Second of all I love the tubes. I remember my Oma always had her lipstick in these charming little floral tubes, which she kept her coat pocket next to her cigarettes. There's just something so fabulously forties glam about it.

{Photo by Paul and Jo via seesaw}


Samantha said...

Those are too cute! And I agree- the tubes are so lovely. Much more glamourous than the usual plastic!


Rema said...

J'adore. I would have one just to have one but would likely never use it. That stuff just ends up on my teeth, or smeared across my cheek somehow. Plain ol' shea butter is about all I can handle...

Kat said...

oh my goodness those cats make me laugh.

but the tubes are super cute!