Decorating For Baby


Matt and I are moving into our new home in La Jolla two months from now, so I've not been able to start decorating the baby's room yet...but rest assured readers I have plenty of ideas. Since we love to travel, we're envisioning vintage maps, cool globes and plenty of postcards that we've collected from several little corners of the world. Matt's grandfather, Bud, who passed away last year was an engineer and a designer of build-it-yourself airplanes. Incidentally it's his house that we're moving into, and in the garage are tons of large wooden propellers. I think it would be cute to paint a couple of them, maybe one as a sky with clouds and the other with green trees and shrubs. Of course I've also been perusing Etsy and recently stumbled upon this darling eco-friendly shop. I just love those vintage farm animal cards!

{Photos from artandphilanthropy}


Samantha said...

I love those last animal prints! They're too cute : ) What a great idea about painting some of the would go perfectly with your travel theme!