Classic Stones


On October 26 we will all get a little bit closer to the bizarre world of Keith Richards. He is releasing his memoir called
Life. Rolling Stone magazine has already unleashed a flurry of fun little tidbits like gun-toting heroin buying sprees, hazy road trips with John Lennon in a blue Bentley and confirmation that he did in fact snort his dad's ashes. How he's survived is perhaps one of the last great mysteries of our time. But I digress...I was bumbling around YouTube the other day, as I often do when there is nothing else to do, and came across this delightful video that I'd almost forgotten about. One of my favorite Rolling Stones songs...and seriously you just can't ask for a cooler wardrobe than Mick Jagger's purple muscle shirt and white clown pants.


sylvie said...

ah, this is a fantastic way to start the day :) my parents used to spin their records growing up and we'd have a family dance party on friday nights! their brilliance and style is eternal.
sylvie of silver lining

Kat said...

love me some rolling stones!
i saw keith richards when i was in jr. high (and had no clue who he was) when i was in mexico. he was being really crazy at the table next to ours. true story.
and i can't believe he actually snorted his dad's ashes! i've heard that before but totally thought it was a rumor!

Samantha said...

Haha I love the Stones! I can't wait to read this. Too bad it's not on the book list for the memoir class that I'm taking!!