Classic Reads


Readers, what's your favorite classic book? I am quite partial to Pride and Prejudice actually, although I just finished one by Robert Louis Stephenson called The Wrong Box. It is quite hilarious. Quick synopsis: several men and their families are competing to be the last one living in order to receive a large sum of money put away in a tontine. Two are left in the beginning of the novel. One supposedly dies in a train wreck...or does he? As frantic relatives are trying to cover up the inconvenient death, a box containing some rather morbid contents keeps being delivered into hands that it was not intended for. Confusion ensues and elaborate schemes are conjured up in order to pawn "the wrong box" onto someone else.

{Photo from French Knot}


sylvie said...

just one? where to even would be tough to choose between "emma" and "romeo + juliet." i am such a hopeless romantic!
happy monday, gals...
sylvie of silver lining

Kat said...

of mice & men. love love love that book

Jenna said...

i love jane eyre!