Black and White


There's something magical and mysterious about digging into old photo albums. My mom has been researching our family genealogy for years now and I'm fascinated with some of the stories about my ancestors she's passed onto me. These old black and white family photos offer a passage into lives that we can never fully understand, but ones that still share a bond with our own.

{Photo from Hilda Grahnat}


ceo said...

Well said and so true......


Kat said...

looking at old black & white pictures is one of my favorite things. i always want to know more about them, how they lived, etc. and what they were thinking when having to stand so still and so serious for so long!
also one of the reasons i love to do my scrapbooking (nerd alert! i'm well aware) so when my future generations are looking at my pictures, they'll have more of a story to go along with it!