Adorable Baby Book


Love this incredible keepsake featured on Ohdeedoh. Johanna McShan is documenting her pregnancy and will one day have this super cool book to show her daughter. I am not nearly as crafty and though I'm a writer, I'm terrible at keeping a journal. The baby might have to make due with random snapshots over the past nine months and a really unorganized folder of ultrasound photos and pamphlets from the doctors.

{Photo from Johanna McShan, via Ohdeedoh}

3 comments: said...

This is really cute. I haven't journaled either. I do have a calendar I sometimes add stuff too when I remember. I try to blog too. I suck at scrapbooking so IDK what this child will look back on lol the blog I guess.

I thin kit's cute when people write letters to their unborn children for them to read... I've never been inspired enough to do it... I would if I knew what to say.

Jessica said...

Alexa!! I LOVE this blog! You guys have done such an amazing job. It looks incredible. I can't believe I never found your blog since I knew you guys had been discussing it! I am so incredibly excited to have a new addition to my daily reading list!

Kat said...

first off, love that she "finally has a bump" at 20 weeks. i had a bump the day i found out! ha!

anyways, have you ever seen Pacing the Panic room's blog? he photographed his wife every week during her pregnancy- so amazing. he was doing it when i was pregnant with izzy, but i still sometimes go back to look: