Where's the Hot Chocolate?


I have just decided where I want to hole up this winter. Also, I think I would like this in my house.

By the way sweet readers, the Short and the Sweet of It is nearing 100 followers! Only 12 more to go and we'll have reached our next goal...all thanks to your loyal readership! In fact, once we reach the magic number, Kirby and I are going to offer a very special giveaway in recognition of the accomplishment. So please...stay tuned and tell your friends about our blog!

{Photo via don't settle for less}


Kat said...

that looks like one of my dream bathrooms (yes, apparently i have more than one). hot chocolate would be nice, but i think i'll go with a glass of malbec... and some chocolate

Alexa said...

Haha. You know...I'm with you there Kat. Malbec is yummy, definitely going to have some in February! :)

Amy Redmond said...

I joined Twitter just so I could follow your blog Lex! I was reading it everyday anyway ;) And yes, I too would love to stay at place shown above :) Love you!