Sleeping in the Trees


I was recently perusing through one of my very favorite blogs, Cup of Jo when I stumbled upon this older post about Treehouse Point, a hotel in the trees. It really makes me want to stake out some time on my favorite branch and just listen to the birds.

{Photos by Treehouse Point, via Cup of Jo}


Kat said...

i've seen these before! i so want to vacation there, how fun! how swiss family robison :)

Pete said...

Alexa, Thank you for sharing this post! I am the creator of the TreeHouse Point experience, we'd love to have you come and stay with us! I know the perfect branch for you! ;-)

You might be interested in our Facebook contests. Just today we gave away a one night stay in our most coveted treehouse through our Facebook fan page September contest. We'll be running another one here in October! I would love for you and your fans to participate in it! Details here:

Love the post! Thank you and hope to see you!