Napa Wine Tasting Tour Stop One: Louis Martini


{Boarding the limo for our day of wine tasting! Our driver Walter, not pictured, was a dead ringer for Santa Claus.}
{Jacqueline and I having some champagne before a full day of wine tasting. Oh, yes we did.}
{Claire, Whitney and I enjoying our picnic lunch at our first stop, Louis Martini}
{Claire gave us a tour}
{Action shot}
{Fun fact courtesy of Claire: Louis Martini was the first winery to open after prohibition was abolished}
{Brady Bunch stair photo next to the largest barrel of wine I have ever seen! }

Our first stop on our day of wine tasting in Napa was Louis Martini, where Claire (our hostess, who is living in Napa working for Gallo Winery) spends most of her days. We picked up lunch at Oakville Grocery in Napa and ate in the garden at Louis Martini after Claire gave us a tour and impressed us with her knowledge of wine making. More photos to come!


katie said...

love the pics!!!

Samantha said...

What great pictures!! Looks like it was an awesome time : )